The “I’m the Mayor and You’ll Build Your House Where I Freaking Tell You To” Ordinance


The Aquabats! Super Show!


the BEST system of all time

good golly christ i’m almost at 3k followers?????

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Mario Party 2 ~ In the Pipe

Got my desk set up!

Got my desk set up!

"Please, just— let me keep playing. I swear, it’s almost like… the more I play… the more I remember."
yeh i still think about the 2spookybats au from time to time

"Please, just— let me keep playing. I swear, it’s almost like… the more I play… the more I remember."

yeh i still think about the 2spookybats au from time to time


the original video got taken down but somebody reuploaded it and i’m so glad they did

Groaning at reblogs saying “he’s 17 and he said it was okay STOP OK!!!!”

As if that’s going to magically make the problem go away.


The root of the problem is not in the kid’s permission, but in the patronizing response of the bronies, and the kneejerk reaction to someone saying “don’t draw porn of this character,” whether it was the mother or the kid or not.

The end result of this debacle doesn’t matter; what matters is what was shown that the toxic part of the community is capable of when presented with this kind of situation.

Stop making excuses for fart’s sake.

well, i'm not sure about the other games, but yeah, in new leaf the big size fish like sea bass seem to be thicker near the top, while the biggest size fish are more elongated.

I’ll have to keep an eye on that for sure. Thanks!

Apparently the kid actually clarified he was okay with really ANY fanart featuring his OC, regardless of content, and his mom was speaking without consulting him, but that does exactly nothing to scrape away the ableist awfulness of this whole thing, since pretty much no one knew that when they were arguing in favor of the art, and that the slimeballs arguing cared only about themselves. BLECK.


There’s a gargantuan difference between speaking in defense for others’ behalf or for yourself.

I think one of the surest ways to tell if it's a sea bass or not is if it has a rounded-off head. If not, you're in the clear, but if so, best skip it.


Well, at least the sizes vary from when I last saw them. Playing the GCN AC, I’d always be going “is it a sea bass? is it a red snapper?? is it a barred knifejaw??? FUCK IT’S A SEA BASS GDI”



bronies on why it’s ok to use a disabled kid’s oc who got it in the show through make-a-wish foundation and asked for porn to not be fucking drawn of it in porn

most of these comments have way more thumbs ups than comments saying that it isn’t very cool to draw porn of stellar eclipse, to the point where users who think it’s morally questionable generally get bashed by other bronies. fucking amazing

"this is the internet"

ah yes, the universal mantra for people who don’t want to be held responsible for their own bullshit

gotta love how bronies are now all of a sudden really enlightened and concerned about a disabled person’s sexual needs, as if they would have even given a fuck outside of this situation. they’re trying to paint the situation in a way that makes them seem like they’re non-ableist, but it’s so fucking patronizing that it ends up swinging back around onto itself and becomes incredibly ableist. like a ouroboros of self-aggrandizing bullshit. remarkable.

literally nothing in the world is more important to bronies than making everything in a kid’s show about their irrelevant boners

this entire ordeal is so asinine the more I hear about it, but this? this is absolutely putrid and downright unforgivable.

bolded section is mine because adri especially hits the nail on the head. these people keep grasping at microscopic straws for any kind of validation for this kind of behavior and it just floors me whenever i see it in action.


everytime you think “that’s too big to be a sea bass”

you’re wrong

you are fucking wrong

its always a fucking sea bass