Disaster expert: Repairing NYC after “The Avengers” would cost billions


  • $160 billion in damage to NYC portrayed in Avengers source
  • invasion Kinetic Analysis Corp. estimates that the physical damage to Manhattan would cost $60 - $70 billion to repair
  • fallout KAC estimates the economic impact, cost of cleanup, and loss of life would cost an additional $90 billion

» To put that in context: The damage portrayed during the Chitauri invasion would be double that of the September 11th attacks ($83 billion), Hurricane Katrina ($90 billion), and last year’s  tsunami in Japan ($122 billion). “Given the involvement of individuals considered deities in some cultures (Thor, Loki), there is even the potential to classify the event as an ‘act of God,’” reads the report, continuing, “though that designation would be subject to strenuous theological and legal debate.” To put this in perspective, the $220 million it cost to create the film would be less than 1 percent of the total cost to repair the city after the damage it fake-created.

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Yeah well those numbers wouldn’t really matter when you consider the alternatives

  • Obliterated by an alien race
  • Nuked to hell by faceless men and women in suits


no but seriously, it’s cool that you did this with the number crunching and all, but it kind of distracts from the point entirely that this is a superhero movie yeah ok

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    Dear Neighbors, Did you see the Avengers? Were you also terrified watching NYC get destroyed before your eyes? -YN
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    And that’s just part of what makes it such an outstanding movie.
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    Things I did after seeing the Avengers: Walk over to Grand Central and makes sure my baby was okay. True story.
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    I really respect them for doing this I’m a bit of a pessimist, so whenever there is a superhero movie, the only part I...
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    Why I would not live in the fictional Marvel New York City, reason #1.
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